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music management agency
music management agency

Gold Record
music management agency

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About us

Gold Record
Music Management Agency
Record Label, Management, Event Organizing, Press, PR

About Us

Gold Record is Hungary’s biggest independent record label and management agency. We started at the end of the 90’s, mostly focusing on pop music management, starting the careers of acts such as Baby Sisters, Emberek, Lola, Fluor, and SP.

The company’s profile kept on growing, besides releasing records, all-round music management became more important, and the genres represented by the company became significantly more diverse. Nowadays, uniquely on the Hungarian market, Gold Record works together with pop, rock, and hip-hop artists/bands, tribute-bands, dj-s, producers, singer-songwriters, young talents and influencers alike.
Gold Record became the management agency for handling the talents from X-Factor, therefore the songs written by the finalists get released through us.

-          Record releases
-          Online content management
-          Artist management
-          Organizing live shows
-          Individual event organizing
-          Press and PR
-          Social Media management
-          Operating webshops
-          Surveying and applying to grants
-          Sponsoring New Businesses, online content branding
-          Coaching and executive producer work
-          Music publishing (Megaphone Stúdió Kft.)

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Company Information

Company name: Gold Record Music Kft.
Headquarters: 1122 Budapest, Határőr út 58.
Tax number: 11928955-2-43
Company registration number: 01-09-904333
Bank account: 10201006-50081644-00000000
CEO: Molnár Gábor
Phone: +36-1-214-9069
Email: info[kukac]
Place of incorporation: Budapest
Time of incorporation: 1999. november

Webshop datas

Webshop - Creals Kft.

Address: 1046 Budapest, Kiss Ernő utca 4.

E-mail: webshop[kukac]

Phone: +36-1-617-5131

Year | Artist | Award | Category | Title
2020 Carson Coma | Nagy-szín-pad | 2020 "Élő sikere"
2020 Carson Coma | Fonogram | Az év felfedezettje
2019 Carson Coma | Klipszemle | Legjobb klip/legjobb operatőri unka/zsűri különdíja: Song About My Grandma
2019 Carson Coma | Klipszemle | Legjobb performansz: Nem vagyok ideges
2019 Blahalouisiana | Blahalouisiana | Legjobb vertikál klip: Pont ilyen házra
2019 Caramel | Fonogram | Az év hazai klasszikus pop-rock albuma vagy hangfelvétele nyertes: Átutazók
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